Saturday, January 31, 2009

Rough Night

What a night I had last night. It was filled with nightmares, weird dreams, a painful leg, and a giant cricket! It started with difficulty falling asleep and leg pain. Then I had this creepy nightmare. I managed to wake myself up, but then heard the giant cricket. I looked at the clock-4:10 AM (which is actually like 3:40 AM, I set the bedroom clock ahead some), I tried sleeping through it. No dice, too loud. I got up, of course I can't reach it. I got downstairs, got the step ladder, set it up, took the detector down and removed the battery. Of course, I couldn't close the ladder, so I put it in the library and tried to get back to sleep. I succeeded, only to return to weird dreams. Fortunately, they weren't that scary, although it definitely had a scary dimension to it. I was with a group and we were moving to this building. It was weird and spooky and oddly painted. I got a really bad feeling from my room, #123. Then I found out the previous tenant had been murdered and was haunting the place. Still, that dream was not as unsettling as the first one set in a weird, scary 3 story Victorian home and when you looked at the furniture, you saw your reflection..then the reflection started to change. Creepy!

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Anonymous said...

You people and your giant crickets!

It's like upstate is over-run!