Thursday, January 29, 2009


I nearly had a heart attack last night. Anyone that knows me, knows that I am very interested in the paranormal, especially ghosts. Anyone who knows me very well also knows that while I love reading and researching ghosts-I'd be scared silly if I actually had one visit. My grandmother was the same way (although I don't think she was interested in the research part) and I remember when I was little telling her that I loved her very much, but she needn't come back and visit me when she died. So far she's kept her word. Now, I have met up with some spirits. I saw one in college and had, and heard, of many other encounters. I also recently felt a cold spot in the Valentown Museum (which I wrote about in this blog). I heard footsteps in Marjim Manor, but I think that was just an employee working upstairs, I didn't "feel" anything paranormal there, but I did enjoy their wines! At any rate, I was watching Ghost Hunters last night (they've investigated both the Valentown Museum and Marjim Manor, by the way). It was about 8:30 PM, totally dark outside. I was sitting up on my couch facing the TV. Behind and to the right of the TV are windows. The blinds are all drawn, except for the window to the farthest right. I keep that open, just a foot or so as Barrett and Callie enjoy looking out of it. Anyway, the TAPS team was investigating a home where activity was around a 5 year old girl. The father also had a major experience while sleeping in the girl's bed. Voices were asking where the girl was and then they pulled the sheets taut and kind of shook the mattress. Jason even experienced a slight shaking mattress. One technique is to provoke the entity, to get it mad so that it will show itself. Grant and Jason left and 2 other investigators came in to provoke. The woman called the spirit out, then she said, "I demand you show yourself, right NOW!" Just then a blinding light came from my window and something started moving. I think I screamed, I know I nearly had a heart attack. Then I looked at the window was a snowplow guy was just plowing the driveway. Jeesh. That wasn't the end of it, however. I also experienced the shaking mattress this morning. I have to sleep on my right side or stomach due to my back injury. So I'm facing the wall and my back is to the door. I had just woken up, but was still lying down when I felt the mattress shake, not the whole bed, just the mattress, just like in the show. But that didn't really scare me and when I turned over I saw it was just Calumet jumping on the bed. Usually she climbs right over me, so I know it's her-but this time she just happened to sit on the other side. She had me wondering for a minute though!

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