Sunday, October 30, 2011


January 15, 2010 - October 27, 2011

Marlin, one of my Cheektowaga rescues, died on Thursday. He hadn't been looking well and finally succumbed to respiratory illness. The night before he crossed The Rainbow Bridge he happily took a yogie from me. His remaining brother, Wallace, misses him terribly. We will all miss this good rat.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Photo Phriday - Chocolates

Salted Caramel Truffles and The Jazz Macabre collection of peanut butter and honey truffles from Hedonist Artisan Chocolates.

Thursday, October 27, 2011


It was a cold walk with Sam this morning. I got home and the computer said 39 degrees. There was a stiff wind, though, which made it seem even colder. There's a freeze warning tonight-so make sure those plants are protected and any pets are snug inside the house. Although there's a light rain here-at my mom's house-an hour to the west-she sees snowflakes! Winter's coming!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Frustrating Day

I truly relish my days off. There's always so much to do and the time just flies. I had to wake up early as Aleister had an early vet appointment. He's still dealing with his ears problems. Doc put more of the medicine in his ears and we go back on the first. After returning home, Sam and I went on a long walk. I checked my e-mails and then headed to Greece. A rescue organization was there today and they had some special toys I was to pick up. I got there-greeted by a sweet kissy girl (a lab mix, although she was quite small). However, they did not have my toys. One of the volunteers made a phone call-the woman wasn't sure I was coming, so she didn't send them. HELLO?!?!? I said I was coming. I made a comment on the post saying the rescue would be at that store today. I was...and am pissed. I wasted valuable time for no reason. Even if they weren't sure I was coming-why on earth not send the stuff anyway? Or why not e-mail me and verify. Now I have to waste time in 2 weeks to try again. After fuming away I grabbed a bite to eat, then picked up supplies at Walmart. A stop at the library, then I came home. The plan was to mow the lawn and put down the grub control-even before I went inside. That way I'd let Sam sleep-he doesn't like it when he's inside and I'm mowing the lawn. I mowed the part of the lawn near the neighbor, then started on the front. There were sticks down at the far edge of my property-so I stopped the lawn tractor and picked up sticks. I got back on the mower...and nothing. It wouldn't start. At the furthest most part of my property. I tried all kinds of things...nothing. It wasn't even trying to turn over. So....I pushed it all the way back to the garage. Ugh. I didn't want to delay on putting down the grub control-so I did that even without mowing. That used some muscles! Back inside I called Mom, finished my book (I highly recommend A Cast-Off Coven) then took a much needed nap. When I awoke I cleaned the Critter Nation. I hate that cage. I was sitting on the floor, cleaning the lower portion when I felt Harrison go in my robe pocket. I turned to see him backing out of my pocket carrying a tootsie roll! The little smartie found a treat. He was trying to open it, when I took it away. Never fear-I'm not that mean a momma-I opened it for him and gave him a portion of it. Harrison got his prize...well part of it! I still have lots to do, but I'm ready to quit and relax-we'll see what else I get accomplished today.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


How is it that times goes so quickly at home when a myriad of things need to get done? Time to get ready for work-and not much got done. Ugh.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Autumn is here bringing cooler temperatures and high winds. I haven't decorated yet-and Halloween is almost here, I did pick up a little pumpkin and some gourds-but that's it for now. I'm behind-yet the stores are ahead. I'm used to seeing Christmas decorations early at some stores...but I was still taken aback when I went to the grocery store and saw Christmas cards and decorations out! Really? Already? At the grocery store?

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Blog Action Day - Food

Today is Blog Action Day, a day when bloggers worldwide post about a certain subject. This year's theme is food. Although I haven't been blogging as regularly as I should-I knew I needed to post today!

There have been so many recalled food items lately-from pre-made salads, spinach, beef, and more. Is food no longer safe to eat? Many people are starting more and more to grow their own. The veggie garden is coming back in style. I've always grown a few herbs and have several fruit trees/vines/bushes. Now I'm considering expanding, even though I'm not adept at "putting my crops up" yet. But there's a lot of food I can't, and don't want, to grow/raise. An old, but seemingly new, concept is becoming quite popular-becoming a locavore. What is a locavore? A locavore is a person who eats locally whenever possible; food grown or raised generally within a 100 mile radius from where you live. In Western NY it's pretty easy. We even have local maple syrup, fantastic wines-even beers and distilled spirits! Of course, there are certain foods that can't be grown in this region...and I just bought some imported beer...all the way from Poland. I guess that's a little more than 100 miles away. Still, although I may not be a true locavore-I do try to eat locavorically quite often. So check out those farmer's markets, look up local wineries and breweries, chances are you have good food options close by-don't depend on food that had to travel for days to get to you.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Aleister's Ears

My cat, Aleister, has had ears problems for several years. At first it was thought they were polyps. Then it was thought they weren't...but the vet had no clue what they were. We finally decided to have a biopsy done and try to figure it out. As my vet was removing the growths in Aleister's ears they used a black goo and doc feared it was cancer. Fortunately he didn't share his fear (at that point) and he was wrong. He basically cauterized as many of the growths as he could..and removed 2 of Aleister's teeth. Poor Aleister. I had to give him pills twice a day for a week. Although he wouldn't sleep with me, he only hid a few times and I was able to give him all his medication. The pathology report came back-something doc, nor his associate, had ever heard of with no known cause. We went back to the vet to see how he was healing and doc put a silver cream in his ears-to aid the healing. Aleister finally decided to start sleeping with me again. We returned again-more cream. We returned again, Doc was pleased with the healing, and decided it was time to start treating the ear infection. Doc looked at me. "Aleister is a cat." Yes. "With ear infections you have to put drops in the ears twice a day. After 3 days cats decide to hide where they can not be found." So instead of giving me drops, he packed Aleister's ears with a time release compound which lasts for 10 days. We go back then for another recheck. Poor Aleister has never had to travel so much. Thank heaven's the vet is close by!

Saturday, October 8, 2011


I don't want to go to bed as I don't want the day to end. Tomorrow I have to return to work and I'd just rather not.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Raise Awareness Wednesday - Adopt a Shelter Dog

October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month. If you're looking for a new friend, check out local shelters. There are too many sweet animals looking for a good home. If you're unable to adopt, consider donating. If you don't have any money to spare-why not volunteer?

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Prayers Needed

Please send lots of prayers and good, healing thoughts to my dad. He's in hospital and is not doing well at all. Thanks.

Monday, October 3, 2011


October is here-and so is fall weather. I had to turn the furnace on. I didn't want to, but it was 57 in the house! It was a gray, rainy day yesterday, but today is gorgeous-with the sun shining. It's a bit warmer to at 62 degrees. I think more rain is coming today-but I'll take it. I just wish I could stay home and enjoy snuggling up with the kids!