Sunday, January 18, 2009

Dream TV

Last night was a dream fest. All night long I had very interesting dreams; it was better than TV. They're all kind of vague now (don't you hate that?) and many details are lost, or confused. I have a feeling explaining them will be difficult. The main dream involved me and Joe Perry.
I don't remember much, but we were trying to stop Steven Tyler who was back on drugs (sorry Steve, know you're clean) and was climbing huge trees and setting them on fire. Joe was very upset, so upset he even threw up! He then explained how difficult things were. We were at an outdoor site with lots of tents that had crafts-and wines. Joe was gone, but my folks were there and we were in a tent that sold wines with neat names-like Organic Bunny. The staff made me leave as animals weren't allowed and I was now holding a cat. (?) My mom wanted me to open a bottle of wine first, which I think I did. Then I was looking for Joe and my dad brought someone who had a mild resemblance to Joe, but was like 20 years old. I thanked my dad, but said that wasn't him as Joe was closer to his (my dad's) age. (He's 11 years younger than my dad and 18 years older than me.) We were in a church at this point. I don't know why. Another dream had the end of the world occurring. I went to the basement and survived even though the outside temperature was something (I don't remember the number now.) that would kill you. Then I ran into these cult members and it went on and on and was quite interesting. I'm sure my night had better viewing than my TV choices today!

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