Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Some Accomplishments

I accomplished a few things today. The electrician came and now I can use my stove again. Yea! I went to PT and added a few exercises and deleted those that created more pain. After that I stopped at Home Depot and got some chain and accoutrements to fix my gate. (In the winter the base pulls away and the latch holding it doesn't have much to hold on to. I don't want Barrett to be able to open said gate, so...) I then stopped at Walgreen's and got the special windshield wiper fluid that also deices and debugs said windshield. I also picked up some great sales-ands stayed under $15! I came home and put the fluid in the car and fixed the gate. I also finished my aunt's birthday card so I can mail it tomorrow morning. Now it's time to fix supper and at 10PM Restaurant Wars on Top Chef. Can't wait!!

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