Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I recently got an e-mail from a friend sharing his Facebook page. I know my friend, Vinnie, enjoys his time on Facebook, but I don't have an interest in these social networking sites and I prefer to keep my online activity somewhat anonymous. That's why I don't have a Facebook page. You may not believe me if you search for me there, however. For the heck of it I searched for my name . . . and found it, a lot. There were 2 pages of listings for my full name and two pages of listings using the common shortened version of my name. (See the somewhat anonymity I strive for-I'm not even writing my real name.) I guess I have a very popular name, who'd've thunk?!


Anonymous said...

but, that's the best thing about Facebook, your profile is completely adaptable - if you don't want anyone to find you they won't.

It's just a great way to keep in touch with everyone...

Do it!

Katreader said...

As if I don't have enough internet sites to check...this blog (plus the 3 donation sites I check from there), 2 e-mail addresses, Fanpop, Neopets, startsampling, Aughhhhh! LOL.