Sunday, January 11, 2009


Are we truly facing an economic depression similar to that of the 1930's? Can we, as Americans, deal with that in today's world. We're so used to being able to get what we want, basically when we want it. Oh, not those high ticket items, like a plasma TV, or the latest electronic device. We'll put those off and save for those. It's the little items we see that catch our eye-"Oh that's cute, and only $10, I'll get that". "Ooh, I'm in the mood for pizza-let's order out." The little things we like that make life more enjoyable-we may have to stop indulging. It's difficult, especially for bargain hunters and collectors like me. I find such great deals-how can I pass them up. It looks like I'm going to have to try harder. I need to look at the stuff I already have and rediscover those joys!

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