Saturday, February 28, 2009

Rant on Writing

I am not a rigid grammarian. I make up words (grammarian), flaunt certain grammatical rules (starting a sentence with a conjunction, not always qualifying "this"), I check my spelling, but sometimes make errors and/or typos and I fragment some sentences and make comma mistakes. However, I am sick and tired of people writing like a bunch of idiots! i dun now, wat u think? And all this chat speak, is driving me crazy. It's fine to use if you are being charged for every character you write, or if there's a time limit, or you're making notes for yourself, but if you're posting an e-mail or writing a story it's just not right. I'm all for using some abbreviations, LOL and OMG, for instance, but things (i can't call them sentences) like "w8 4 it. u are lk rlly rong i luv u" How on earth are people supposed to take you seriously? Some people don't capitalize anything and apparently refuse to consider punctuation. Are you trying to channel archie? You are not a cockroach, you have the ability to use the shift key to capitalize your letters...not ALL of them, mind you. Sigh. I don't know if I'm just getting old or what, but sloppy writing is driving me crazy! Learn to write and take the time to do it properly!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Photo Phriday - Dryer

If it's not one thing, it's another. My dryer has apparently broken its drive belt. It will heat, but the drum won't turn. Of course this happens just before I'm about to sit down with a glass of champagne and a raspberry filled brownie and watch Ace of Cakes about 10 PM last night. I hung some of the clothes on the line in the basement, but it was a big load and not enough line. I'm on my second hanging to dry batch now. I used to have the repair agreement from Sears with it-but paying close to $100 a year for a $300 machine was a bit much, so I dropped it. I was considering getting a new machine-but the machine should last a few more years-it's not quite 8 years old. Sears wouldn't give me an estimate over the phone (mind you, I know the problem and told them) but said they could send a guy over to look at it and get an estimate and I'd have to pay for the service call, even if I didn't want him to fix it. I got a recommendation for a local appliance place, so I'll give them a call. It's just so annoying.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sewing Machine

I finally opened up my sewing machine box today. I also took out the machine, looked at it-I even found the secret compartment that held needles and bobbins and such. It's a pretty machine-it's green with Hello Kitty on it! It's actually a Janome. I read through the instructions, but I'm not quite sure I get it. Unfortunately, and somewhat surprisingly, it didn't include any thread. I think I'll go to JoAnn Fabrics and ask what kind of thread I should get for the machine. I also plan to pick up a TV tray so I can put the machine on it, as there isn't a plug convenient to the dining room table. I wish I had someone who could come over and show me how to use the thing. Oh well, I'm sure I'll figure it out eventually!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I got a certified letter from work today. My grievance regarding my days off was denied. I have to see what, if anything, I can do next. I also got the report from the state doctor about my back. He definitely supports seeing the neurosurgeon and agrees that I can't work in my regular job. He did say I could do alternate work although he gave lots of restrictions and stated I could sit for 8 hours, but would need breaks. I don't know if work will make me go back and work in the staffing office or other such nonsense. On the recommendation of a few people (non of them from work) I'm now in touch with a lawyer, just in case.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mardi Gras!

Today is Fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras, the last day before Lent and also Spay Day! Celebrate, eat hearty, and if your pet isn't spayed or neutered-go fix that! Laissez les bons temps rouler!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Animal Artists

Since you asked, I thought I'd show the paintings I got from the Animal Art Expo. Here's the catch. I want you to guess who painted each painting. Let's see if you can figure out which animal artist goes with which painting. The artists in question are Admiral the North American River Otter, Anna the Cougar, and Nikko & Luna the Arctic Wolves who worked together. The paintings I'll describe as #1 pale pink background with pastel blues, greens, & white #2 yellow background with bright colors & #3 white background with blue, green and purple. Please submit your guesses in a comment. There's no prize, but you can be proud of your animal instincts. Good luck, I'll reveal the answers soon!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Animal Art Expo

Last evening I attended the Animal Art Expo at the Seneca Park Zoo. What a wonderful evening and a great event! I got there early, so I waited in my car a bit, then I saw people lining up for tickets, so I got out and joined the line. It started to snow then, but lightly. I got my ticket and entered, one of the first people in. A golf cart drove me and another lady to the building where the event was being held. I figured we were the first people there. Wrong. I guess they admitted volunteers and staff in early as there was a bit of a crowd already there. I saw the painting of Admiral the Otter that I really liked-but it was already sold. This first room was the "direct buy" room. They had paintings hung all over with price tags. If you saw one you wanted, you informed staff who then gave you a ticket, you paid, returned and they put a sold sticker up. I saw a few paintings I liked. One I really liked by Aurora the Polar Bear-but it was $120, so I decided to pass. I was not going to leave without a painting, so I finally made my choice-a painting by Admiral. In addition to the animal art in this room, there were framed photographs of the animals for sale and a cash bar serving many different beers and wine. I didn't see a price, so I figured I'd check out the other areas first. In the hallway were docents with some animal visitors, so I said hello to the two birds and snake. Then I went to another larger L shaped room. Along 3 walls were paintings after paintings with small boxes next to them. All these paintings were part of the raffle. You could get 5 tickets for $5, 15 tickets for $10 and so on. There were so many nice paintings-I bought raffle tickets! I went around choosing a few ones I really liked. Lots of animals at the Seneca Park Zoo are painters! There were paintings by elephants, orangutans, rhinos, otters, penguins, cougars, hyenas, snakes, sea lions, even the hissing cockroach, smelt, and millipedes got involved! There was a separate raffle for a glass framed painting by one of the elephants as well.. That raffle was $5 per chance. Along the other walls and tables throughout the room were more paintings. These were for the silent auction. Each painting had a paper with a starting bid. Some started as low as $5 and went to start at $50. Increments were also varied-some you had to bid up by $1, others $2, some $5. I found a beautiful painting by Anna the Cougar. Opening bid was just $10-so I bid $12. Then I found the appetizers, they had pop and water as well as carrots, celery and dip, the best boneless buffalo style chicken wings, fried ravioli, and fried fish bites. All that included in your entry ticket ($3 for members like me and only $5 for nonmembers). Talk about a deal. Last chance for the silent auction and raffle ticket placement was 8:30. I found a beautiful wolf painting and placed the second bid on that. I checked on the cougar painting and saw I was outbid, I bid again. I checked on the wolf-instead of a $2 raise, the woman went from my $17 bid to $40! OK, I stopped bidding on that one! I went back to my cougar painting-outbid again. OK the competitive switch was thrown-that's MY painting, I'm bidding! It was getting close to 8:30 so I was hovering around that table. A woman I wanted to smack had just re upped the bid. I was going to wait a bit, then bid again. I went near another painting to get a pen when I heard one guy say to another, "no, she bypassed yours". There were 3 of us lying in wait for 3 paintings next to each other. I bid on mine. The husband of the annoying woman vying for my painting came over and saw my latest bid. He told her and I think she gave up. However, there were a few other people bidding as well, so I had to be careful. With only a few moments to go someone else bid. Nooooooo! I grabbed the pen and signed my name. And. . . I won! My painting was mine! Whoo hoo! I went to pay and soon someone came in and said they were starting the raffle. Well, I couldn't be that lucky, so I paid, I was next in line anyway, and then returned to the raffle room. A few pieces later I heard 616955. That's me! I won!!!!! I won a gorgeous painting by my favorites at this zoo-the Arctic Wolves!! How wonderful, I got 3 paintings one in each of the 3 events. I got the artwork of Admiral the North American River Otter, Anna the Cougar, and a joint effort by Nikko & Luna the Arctic Wolves! By the end of the evening I was in major back pain, but I was so pleased and happy-I still am. I had a wonderful time for a wonderful cause. Now I have to figure out where I'm going to hang my new paintings! Oh, the picture is of Anna. Each painting came with a picture of its artist. They say that Anna has really taken a liking to painting, although they admit it could just be the extra attention and the chance of rolling in paint!

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Zoos are wonderful things. Some people think that zoos are "bad" as they cage animals that should be left in the wild. In a perfect word that would be wonderful. However humanity has spread and is destroying the wilderness that many animals call home. Deforestation, housing reaching out further and further, poaching, lack of care, ignorance, heck even the Arctic isn't safe anymore thanks to humanity and global warming. Zoos are a refuge. Many have breeding programs hoping to stop the extinction of many animals. With the polar icecaps melting, perhaps the only place for polar bears to live safely will be zoos. Zoos are improving too. Most do their best to recreate the environment the animals would live in. They also strive to give the animals opportunities for enrichment. Painting, for example. In fact, tonight I'm going to the Seneca Park Zoo for an art auction. The paintings are created by the animals and the sales will help the zookeepers help them. You can't say that zoos and the zookeepers do not care for the animals. I think back to "the little zoo that could", the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo and the multiple evacuations of all of the animals due to successive hurricanes. I just saw on TV a zoo in Miami, Florida recounting their dealings with hurricanes. I'm grateful I live in an area that doesn't worry about hurricanes! Support your local zoo, and perhaps your not so local one too. They do their best to provide the best possible environment for the animals and give people a chance to see animals they otherwise wouldn't and perhaps give back for what humanity has taken from these creatures.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Photo Phriday - Phabric

A while ago I sent a bunch of fabric to a woman in Kentucky. Although I make hammocks and tubes for my rats, I can't figure out how to make teepees. Also, I sew by hand and I'm a very slow sewer. I bought a sewing machine, but haven't opened it up to figure it out yet. It's therefore a lot easier to have someone else make them! Anyway, I got a box full of teepees for the rats today! My physical therapy session was cancelled, and since it's snowing and blowing with a wind chill factor in the single digits, I decided to stay in.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Blog Candy

I've discovered the fact that some blogs have contests and give aways and you have the opportunity to win free stuff. No, I'm not offering a contest, but I'm currently trying for one from Les Papotages de Stamp Francisco. They're offering some great rubber stamps and supplies. I just made a comment to the post and now it'll be luck of the draw. The site also asked those of us with our own blogs to mention the contest. SO here you go. Check out the blog. It's got lots of neat stuff, there's more than just rubber stamping information too. SO go, check it out!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Much to my mother's despair, I am a lousy housekeeper. I freely admit it. I don't like cleaning and even if I did, I'd much rather spend my time on the computer, reading, crafting, or playing with the animals. Every once in a while, however, I get the urge to clean/organize. I must leap on these urges and take advantage of them quickly, or they will disappear. I got that urge today and so I worked on my bedroom. I was at it for 2 and a half hours, but I had to stop because of my back. I wasn't lifting anything, but I wasn't able to support my back as I sat. I had to take a break...but I have to work on it some more as well. Either that or Barrett and I both will have to sleep downstairs. Both of our beds are covered. That's another part of my problem-I move things and get a nice clean space-but then where do I put the stuff I just moved? And I'm a pack rat, so don't bother saying, "just throw it out!" I'm going to goof around on Fanpop for a while, have a snack and then get back to the grind.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Recent Air Tragedy

You may have heard about the tragedy that occured near me-an airplane trying to land at the Buffalo Airport instead crashed into a house. All people on board were killed, as well as one person in the house. It's one thing to consider the possibility of dying in a plane crash when you take a flight, but to be killed in a plane crash while in your own home?! It's incomprehensible. While I feel for the victims on board the plane, we mustn't forget the people whose house was obliterated and the man who wasn't able to get out in time. The following was forwarded to me. I signed the petition to try to get Extreme Home Makover to help these people. Please consider signing it and forwarding it to others. Thanks.

We have all heard about the horrific plane crash just outside ofBuffalo on February 12. One thing that some might forget is a family isleft without a husband/father and without a home. Someone has started apetition to get Extreme Home Makeover to rebuild a home for the family,the Wielinksi family. I think it is a great idea. If you agree, pleasesign the petition at the link below It takes less than 30 seconds oftime. Also, I ask that you considering forwarding this note on toothers to sign.Thank you.

Animal Art

Animals are creative, yes, artistic beings. Animals in captivity especially need an outlet for expression and creativity and many zookeepers have found that many animals in their care enjoy painting. The artwork is also beautiful. Many zoos now let the animals become artists and their artwork is sold with the proceeds benefiting the zoo. A few years ago I went to the Buffalo Zoo and watched one of the elephants paint on canvas. I went to the gift shop and was able to purchase one of her paintings. Not only is it a unique piece of artwork, it's also beautiful, and the money went towards a good cause. This Saturday I hope to add to my collection. Seneca Park Zoo is having an auction of artwork created by many different zoo residents. I previewed a few of the pieces today. I adore the ones made by the cougar and the river otters. The elephants also created a very pretty piece. I'm afraid that I won't be able to get any of those. It is an auction and I have a feeling people will be paying big bucks. Oh well, I'm sure it'll be an entertaining evening even if I don't bring anything home with me. Maybe I need to get my kids some paints! The picture is Admiral, one of the River Otters working on his contribution.

Monday, February 16, 2009

MRI Results

It's official. I have a herniated disk, or two. There is definitely a herniated disk between L4 and L5. There may be one between L2 & L3, but because I had a regular MRI, not one with contrast, they're not sure. It may be a schwannoma, issues with too much tissue and the mylon sheath. The next step is to see a neurosurgeon. That doesn't mean I have to have surgery. Physical therapy may be the sole way to go. I can hope anyway! Now we have to get approval to see the neurosurgeon. That'll take a while! Tomorrow I have to see the state doctor. At least now I have something to show him. See-my back IS messed up!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Road to the Roses

You've heard of fantasy football, but did you know there's also fantasy horse racing? I discovered Road to the Roses, a fantasy horse racing game that leads up to the Kentucky Derby. You create a stable with 10 horses, 2 jockeys, and 2 trainers. That's the easy part. (Well, after researching this years 3 year olds.) The hard part is that you can only activate 5 of your horses at a time. This means you have to make sure your horse is activated if he'll be running a race. So you have to know when the race is (easy, they list that for you) but you have to know which horses are entered and make sure yours are activated. If the horse is in your stable, but you don't activate him, you don't get any points. The first 2 races were yesterday and my Chocolate Candy won. (That's him winning in the picture.) I now have 8 points. I have another horse running on Monday. I don't know how the jockeys and trainers fit in to the scoring. My stable is Katreader's Prime and I created a league. If you're interested in joining my league, just let me know. The more the merrier!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Although I love holidays, decorating and celebrating, Valentine's Day has never been high on my list of favorites. I've been goofing off an the computer and doing a little crafting. I'm about to get something for dinner and have some champagne in time for the Britcoms on TV. That's my exciting Valentine's Day.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Photo Phriday - MRI

I finally got approval for the MRI. They called me yesterday afternoon and I went it at 6:30 this morning! John was my technician and he was nice enough to let me take a picture of the machine. Although this was my second time having an MRI, it was the first time I had to go all the way in. The last time was for my knee and only my legs were in the machine. Before that my friend had told me he needed one and didn't think the claustrophobia issue would be a problem for him. He was wrong and had to go to an open MRI machine. I didn't think it would be an issue for me, after all, I like being cozy. Well, after just my knee going in, I could see where people could have issues. When they called me yesterday for the appointment, one of the questions asked was if I was claustrophobic. I said, could be. They said they didn't dispense meds there, but if I needed something to call my doctor and take something before I got there. However, I'd then need someone to go with me. Well, that wouldn't work. I'd just have to tough it out. Of course, now my mind was starting to make me more nervous just thinking about it. I was considering drinking a few shots once I got there...but then I'd have to wait to drive home. Oh well, no biggie, I could do it. I did have one trick left up my sleeve to fool my brain. I asked for blinkers, like some race horses have to wear. Well, this was a blindfold and they gave it to me. I had to put earplugs in my ears, put the blindfold on, John gave me these things to hold on to, so my hands wouldn't get in the way and then he slid me in the machine. After a magnet test he brought me back out and placed a thing on my stomach, so he could get a better picture, then back in I went. At first there was a nice breeze and it wasn't too bad, even though the banging was somewhat jarring. Then my mind started thinking that breathing was getting more difficult, I told my brain to shut up and started going through the alphabet naming famous race horses, events, and people. Then it started getting warmer in there (I was told it would). I moved on to dog breeds. Then things about Buffalo, NY, then cats. Then between tests, while still in the thing I moved my finger up a bit-and touched machine. That was close. I went back to the alphabet. We were half way through. Then my back started to hurt. Then my head started to itch. John finally said, the last test, about 4 minutes. Let's do it! And so we did. I made it through without any major issues. Now I'm just waiting for the results. I leave for PT pretty soon. I'm hoping to hear something today!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Vote for Vinnie!

My friend Vinnie, a professional actor, is attemping to be cast in The Big Gay Sketch show. The show has an online voting component, the people with the most votes get the audition. You can vote once a day, every day- you don’t need to register or log-in or anything, just click on him, enter the captcha phrase and you’re done! You can also check out some of his reels. Thanks.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A conundrum

I'm confusing my physical therapist. He can't quite figure out the exact problem and how to make it better. I have a new exercise. This one has me bending backward. Amazingly, it seems to help. I can still do the press ups. He was pressing on my spine and had me doing them. I'm going to be an arm wrestling champ by the time I'm done. I can't bend down, but I can bend backward and have super strong arms!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Slightly Longer Morning Than Planned

The plan was to run to the barn, I figured Harley would be in as I figured he'd be out yesterday, give him a quick brush, do my physical therapy walk with him walking with me, then go across town to visit Jen and show her some of my rubber stamp work, especially the recipe card I was having difficulty with due to the necessity of utilizing a stamp positioner. That was the plan. I left the house only 15 minutes later that I kind of wanted, so I was pretty much on track. When I went in the barn, I could see the plan start to fizzle as Kim saw me and smiled. "You can bring him in...he rolled." Ugh. It's been so warm so the paddock is wet with mud sink holes that want to swallow you whole. Also due to the warmth, Harley's blanket was off-and he rolled in said mud swamp. He was in yesterday, but went out today. Sigh. I went out and called to all the boys, hoping at least one would come into the barnyard area and the others might follow. Storm looked up at me, then put his head back down. I called Harley-who also looked up at me...and put his head back down. All the boys remained where they were ignoring me. Since I thought I would be quick I didn't even have my boots on. I started to go out into the muck. No. No way, not with what I was wearing. Fortunately, Barb was nice enough and she went out to get him. Of course, when she called the boys all ran up into the barnyard. Jeesh. She handed me Harley and I brought him in. What a mess! At least he only rolled on one side. I got most of the stuff off...kind of. It's difficult when it's wet mud! Then I took him into the arena to do my 10 minute walk. Harley's a better walking companion than Barrett. His stride is longer (well, he's over 1,000 pounds and Barrett's about 65) and he didn't try stopping to sniff everywhere. Although he was eyeing the ground for another roll. He is like Barrett in that he'll try to put his lead rope in his mouth like Barrett does with his leash. I guess they'd rather take themselves for a walk! We returned to the barn and I brushed him again and put him back in his stall. I'll have to work on the dirt and mud some more. Th only issue is that I can't really get his lower legs and I can't pick out his hooves due to my back. Oh well. He'll have to live with dirty legs for a bit. After that I did hang out at Jen's store for a while. It was busy today. Lots of customers-good for her. I then got a fantastic Philly Cheese sub (boy was that good) picked up my prescriptions and got back home. I'm pooped! It was a nice, productive day though, albeit a bit longer than I had hoped, and I enjoyed the people I chatted with as well. And Harley was a good, if filthy, boy.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Aunt Emily

Today was Aunt Emily's funeral. I wasn't able to go because of a doctors appointment for the worker's comp injury plus my mom didn't want me driving that long, then sitting in church, then sitting at lunch, then driving all the way home. There won't be many people in attendance, and I kind of felt I should be there, but...Aunt Emily isn't really there either.

Aunt Emily was my mom's mother's sister. She died on Friday at the age of 93. She was a difficult woman. She'd smack the aides at the nursing home (we learned she also smacked her sisters growing up-at least the youngest of the group) and she could be just plain nasty and mean. She could also be kind and giving. She gave me the remaining money I needed to buy my first house; something I never thought a single person in her late 20s could do. When I was young I remember going to her home. She and her husband were very proud of her garden and she always set aside some of her raspberries for me. I remember the house, with the 1950's kitchen and the yard. I'll take some time today to reminisce. I hope she's now at peace.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


I have cried so much the past two days. No, nothing happened. I've been watching videos on Fanpop in the new spot-Race Horses. So, I've watched a tribute to Barbaro and sobbed like a baby, a tribute to Red Rum and had tears in my eyes. Then a memorial to all the race horses that died in 2007. I can't rate anymore of them. If you want to let it all out and have a good cry, check out some of these. The above picture is Barbaro with Edgar Prado up in the Kentucky Derby.

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Imagine my surprise, I received flowers today! These beauties were delivered to me with a note, "Thought you could use some flowers". I sure could. Merci, Mlle.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Photo Phriday - Snickers

I'm not usually able to get a good picture of Snickers. Today was the exception. I love this shot of him in his snuggle hammock from Auntie Christine. Monday will be his one year anniversary of being part of the family. He's about 1 year and 4 months old. His cagemate Josef, came with him from the rescue-he was a year old on Christmas day.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


I spent a lot of time on the phone today, with my doctors office, with my union, with a friend from work, and with my mom. I also had an e-mail conversation with my best friend. It's been a very communicative kind of day, especially since I haven't left the house!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


If it's not one I was leaving for my physical therapy session today I checked the mail. Workman's Comp has ordered a hearing in order to evaluate me to make sure I can't be at work. I'm to bring any documentation, including MRIs (uh, hello, still waiting for approval for the MRI to prove I have a herniated disk, thank you) and someone else if I want. Ryan told me to consider getting a lawyer. Ugh. My appointment is February 17th. Let's see. I have a hypersensitive left leg, which I can't raise. I'm not supposed to bend down and I have to sit with back support. Doing anything for any length of time is uncomfortable, I get periodic shots of pain in my leg and back. I can't lift anything heavy . . .Oh yea, I can go to work ready to jump up and fight at a moments notice.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Recent Rat Reminiscing

I was just looking at the website of Jenni's Mischief, the closest rattery to me, and a wonderful one, where I got 4 wonderful boys in 2006. Sadly they've all since died and I was looking at their baby pictures on the site. I got tears in my eyes, but they're tears of joy as well as sadness. These boys were so loving and curious and sweet. The boys I currently have are all rescues and they are all gentle creatures, but still shy and skittish. Except for Josef. The newest boys are slowly coming around. Snickers and Josef will have their one year anniversary with me later this month. Snickers likes to explore me...but I can't reach out to him first. Still, I guess it's pretty good as when I held him at the rescue the woman said, "Wow, he must like you, you're the first person he hasn't bit!". He never has bitten me either. He and Josef play a bit rough and have been fairly aggressive with other rats. But they are all good boys. I intend to continue to rescue rats, but I'd love to get some more loving rats from a reputable breeder, like my Ohio brothers. Some day.

Monday, February 2, 2009

The Lousy Economy

Has the lousy economy effected you? To what extent? I hadn't been paying too much attention, but recently things have begun to get my notice and I am making some changes. I'm lucky in many respects. I am employed and receiving a steady paycheck even though I am out on workman's compensation for the time being. I'm also lucky that my union ensures I keep getting paid my full amount-there's no lag time and I'm still getting direct deposit from my employer-not the state. However, the pay's a small bit less as I don't get my pre-shift briefing overtime. That 15 minutes a workday really adds up. My retirement and deferred compensation have taken a hit, but, again, I'm lucky. I don't need those funds for a long, long while. Unfortunately, retirement is a long way away, but that gives the economy plenty of time to turn around. My folks aren't so lucky. As with all the people on retirement incomes, they will actually be receiving less money each month. A good deal less.

So what am I doing? It's more what I'm not doing. Mercifully, gas prices have gone way down (although I've noticed they're on the rise again), but I still limit my driving. Since I'm not going to work there are days I don't even leave the house...and don't drive the car. I don't buy books. I feel bad as I'm not supporting the authors, but I don't even take advantage of good deals. Thank God we have a great library system here. I still buy crafting supplies, but not as much, or as often...even with coupons at the big box stores. Unfortunately, lots of people are doing the same. I got an e-mail last night reinforcing the truth of this painful economy. My local paper store is closing: reason-the economy. People simply aren't buying so she can't get money to buy product and with less product less sales. For those that may remember, this store was about to close during last summer with gas prices soaring and rent being raised. A last minute investor saved the store that time-but not now. I'll miss the store, not so much for the product it offered, but the people, the groups, and the closeness-less than 10 minutes on a back road. I'm lucky in that there is another independent paper store that I really like, but it's across town and just not as convenient. Perhaps that's better as I'll stay home and not buy crafting goodies.

One store you can't stay out of is the grocery store. I went there today, without a list, but, on a full stomach. I noticed changes in myself. I put back the triple cream brie and didn't buy the fancy bread. (I did get a wild garlic Havarti and a salsa jack cheese, hey, can't give up everything! And cheese is good for you.) I saw the cutest plush chicken...and I put her back. I will only buy pop in 2 litre bottles-and only for $1 or less. It was finally on sale, but at 3 for $3.33. That's more than $1 each. No deal. I saw a new chip and some other things I'd like. But they weren't on sale, or still too expensive - no deal.

In closing, the lousy economy is effecting me and those around me. I can only hope that things will turn around...and turn around quickly.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Superbowl Sunday

I actually am not at work on Superbowl Sunday...but I'm still not doing anything special. There's a Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters International marathon going on. I don't really watch the International version, but I love the original. I'm mad as I missed the beginning when they were investigating Buffalo's Central Terminal. I love that building! At least I caught the reveal-they found a lot of evidence! I wish they had a DVD of just all Western NY investigations. As it is, I'm still having issues with the DVD set I did buy (Season 4 Part 1). The DVDs are still messing up-I think it's the way they're packaged. I'm on my 3rd set. I think I'll all the manufacturer. Very annoying. Back to football, I'm not that interested in the Superbowl itself since Buffalo isn't playing and I didn't stock up on food. I could go out...but I have a feeling I'll just make do and go out tomorrow. I should do some crafting too. We'll see what happens.