Monday, August 23, 2010

Two Great Ideas

I was thinking more about "my wine shop". In addition to selling New York wines, I'd also sell wine magazines and books about wine. Not only would I stock non fiction wine books, but fictional books as well-there are some great wine mysteries out there. I'd include non New York wines in these, non drinkable categories. Perhaps I'd also carry other wine and grape items. I'd have speakers in as well, some wine seminars, as well as tastings. Sadly, I don't have the gumption or the business know how to make this shop a reality...especially in these economic times. But, that led me to my second idea. I could create my wine shop in a book. I could write a mystery series whose heroine owns just such a shop. I can picture the fictional New York town where she resides...the shop could be a former winery that happens to be haunted. Or maybe she moves into a haunted winery later. There should be some romance...perhaps with a charming winemaker. Of course, there will be plenty of zany friends. But who should get killed?

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