Thursday, August 12, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance

Tonight we find out who is America's favorite dancer. Note-it is America's favorite dancer, not best dancer. Finally a show gets it right. After all America is voting, and Americans tend to be stupid. I can say that-I'm an American. When the American public gets to vote for talent shows, it seems that people vote for their favorite-even if their favorite is hideous. (Just look at the starting weeks of most, if not all, seasons of Dancing with the Stars.) The final 3 dancers in So You Think You Can Dance are all very talented, there's no denying that. I'm rooting for Robert. I think he danced better that the others last night. He also actually looks like a man dancing, not a kid. While Lauren is talented, I just don't like her personality. This is America's FAVORITE dancer-and I don't like her. I rooted for Kent at the start, who wouldn't root for a farm boy from Ohio?!? But the gee shucks faces only do so much for me. Sorry all you teenie boppers out there. Last night's routine by Robert to Cool was fantastic! By far, my favorite of the night. I voted for Robert. Let's see who wins!

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