Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Dog

Some women feel their biological clock ticking. Some get broody wanting a baby. A woman on the radio gets what she calls "old lady baby fever". Me-I have no interest in babies or children, human ones at any rate. I have, however, been getting urges to add to my family. Everywhere I look I see dogs, and kittens, and cute things to buy for them. Many shelters are having adoption marathons and the costs are so low. I want a dog...but since mine have crossed the rainbow bridge, I've gotten comfortable with life without a dog. It's easier. Then I see the wine event where you could take your dog on a walk through the vineyard helping to raise money for a local shelter. Or I see the cutest toy as I pick up cat and rat supplies. I guess I have "old lady doggie fever". Will it pass?


Steph said...

Since I too have no desire for human children, I can completely understand where you are coming from. Will it pass? Only momentarily, then it returns. That is why I have 3 doggies and have often thought of adding more; however, the reality of my limited space has kept me from getting more so far. Unfortunately, the limited space doesn't stop the "old lady doggie fever" from flaring up repeatedly.

Steph said...

I wonder what you would call it when men have the same desire? Hubby also has the same issue - which makes it doubly hard to resist.