Thursday, August 26, 2010

Pet Lovers Star Search

I've entered all of my kids in the Pet Lovers Star Search for Rubber Hedgehog. The winning photos will be made into rubber stamps! Please vote for any and all of my kids and, if you would, say why that picture would make a great stamp. Although artists pick the winners (not the majority of votes) it wouldn't hurt to have lots of votes! I didn't win last year, although Barrett and Calumet got special mentions. Let's see what happens this year!

The first picture of Harley is the last one on page 4 (#100) and the rest are interspersed throughout page 5. Here are their numbers:

Harley 100 & 111
Calumet 106 & 113
Seneca 107 & 112
Aleister 119 & 123 (the first is a baby picture with him and Barrett)
Aquinas & Dylan 104
Aquinas 110
Dylan 115
Harrison 108
Baron, Wallace, & Napoleon 116
Baron & Napoleon 121
Marlin 117
Snickers 118 (a younger picture of my old man rat)

Thanks for looking (and voting) for my kids!

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