Saturday, August 21, 2010

My Wine Store

I bought some fresh peaches and raspberries at the farmer's market this morning, so that I could try a new drink creation this evening. With all the wine I have I could have sworn I had some vignoles, but nope-no vignoles. So I went to my liquor store. I thought I'd pick up the Thousand Islands Winery Vignoles, which I enjoyed last week at the wine festival, but, although they carried some Thousand Islands Winery wines, they didn't have the vignoles. They also didn't have the Leonard Oakes Vignoles...which I've also enjoyed. Finally, I found a vignoles from Hunt Country-which I've had before and liked-so I chose that one. Although the store has 1 wall of New York wines there are several wineries I like that they don't carry...and they don't have a lot of the specific wines I enjoy from other wineries that they do sell. I was talking with a guy from Fulkerson Winery and I really enjoyed his Traminette. He also makes a Traminette blend, unfortunately he didn't bring any to the event-so I couldn't try it. When I told him where I lived, he told me my local liquor store carried his wines, but not that blend. He said to request it and hopefully, they'd agree to get it for me. He wished they would carry more of his wines. Since the best way to get wines in liquor stores is to have customers request them, when I went to the store today I did request it. When I mentioned it to the manager he said they'd see, but the store was "New York heavy". Meaning they carried tons of New York wines. New York heavy?!? Hello, we live in the midst of a ton of fantastic wineries and you have only 1 wall of them. There are at least 5 other walls of wines. You should be New York should be New York massive! I'd like to own my own wine store carrying only New York wines...although I'd add a few Pennsylvania ones too. I'd try to stock almost all of the wineries and almost all of the wines they make. Of course...I'd need a huge store with a humongous warehouse in order to do that. Still, someone should have a New York wine store!

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