Wednesday, August 18, 2010


The day started with staffing screw ups at work (which, fortunately, were happily resolved) and waiting an hour for my grievance to be heard after work-to which personnel never showed. Wasted my hour! And didn't get paid for it either. I finally got home and figured I'd try to put the bagger on my lawn tractor. I got out all of the pieces, yes pieces, and looked at the instructions. "Assembly for this attachment should take the average homeowner with basic technical skills an average of two hours." Two hours?!?! Not putting the bagger on this morning! Did a few computer things and went to bed very tired. Then I woke up almost every hour-not to have to use the bathroom either. I have no idea why I kept waking up. Once the stupid phone rang, sure enough an hour after the last time I woke up. I'm lucky if I got 3 uninterrupted hours of sleep. Now I'm up for the night. Work better be good tonight!

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Steph said...

Sounds like a rough night. Good luck at work.