Monday, August 30, 2010


It was very frustrating...but I did it. I attached the bagger to my lawn tractor. Upon first looking at the instructions I read, "it should take your average homeowner with average technical skills 2 hours to complete". 2 hours?!? I put that away. A few days later, I decided to try. Step 1 affix the screen to the holes in the tabs in the hopper. OK...what holes? There were no holes in the tabs! Everyone was saying, take it to the store and have them do it. I gave up and went...but they were going to charge $75! I just spent about $2000 from them and they wanted to charge me that much?!? He asked-did you affix anything to the mower? No, step 1 was attaching the screen and there are no holes!!! So he told me to go around back and a mechanic came out. He looked at it-you're right, there are no holes! I knew it was defective. He took it in the back, drilled in the appropriate holes and affixed the screen for me. As I waited, I read the rest of the instructions. Ugh. He came out and then showed me how to put the rest of it together (doing what he could for me). Did they want to charge you $75? This is what you do... I went home and was able to put the hopper together, with only a few issues. But then I had to put the chutes on. No go. Back I went. A different guy showed me how to do it. (Another section had to be lifted up and brute force used.) Back home. It was difficult, but I pried the other piece up, forced it in and pulled the elastic over-which was very hard-thank goodness I'm strong! Then I tried it out worked! I need to get a wrench for small spaces and tighten up a few screws...but it's good to go...and I did it my own Damn self...with a little help, but no charge.

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