Sunday, August 1, 2010

Brockport Arts Festival

If there's one summer festival in WNY that I don't want to miss, it's the Brockport Arts Festival. I just got back, and, as always, had a great time. They changed location this year. It used to be right down Main Street, but this year it moved to the SUNY Brockport campus. They also added the 1st annual BBQ & Music Festival...and there was also a car show! Obviously, it was much bigger this year. There were lots of neat vendors and I was able to buy more Christmas gifts, as well as an anniversary present, and a few goodies for me! I had a nice chat with the friendly folks at Design a Tea. If you love tea-you must get some of theirs. The best can design your own flavors! You pick a base tea (black, green, oolong, rooibos) and 1 or 2 flavors. I chose a black tea flavored with caramel and pecan. I just made a batch of it as iced tea-it's fantastic! I love summer festivals-I just wish it wasn't so hot! What's your favorite festival?

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Steph said...

My favorite festival is the Celtic Festival. Lots of Celtic music and goodies.