Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Raspberry & Peaches

I adore raspberries. They are probably my favorite fruit-although lychees may beat them, raspberries are much easier to get. I've recently noticed a trend-putting peaches and raspberries together. I was watching The Best Thing I've Ever Eaten: Crunchy and I heard about a peach pie. They have a regular buttery crust, then put in sliced peaches, then raspberries, then spices and a crumble on top. Mmmmmm. Looked sooo good. With crops being harvest earlier due to this goofy weather-peaches are already out (and raspberries are done). A few local wineries are having peach events (Cayuga Ridge & Long Point) and I wondered if anyone would make a peach raspberry wine. There are lots of raspberry wines, and a few peaches. Hmmm. I wonder if I ask a certain winemaker..... The problem of course, is that the fruits don't ripen at the same time. That may knock out my wine. But I may create my own with a nice white (possibly a vignoles) with fresh peach slices and frozen raspberries. What do you think?

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