Thursday, August 5, 2010

Dreaming of Lizards, Rodent, and Dog

I had a weird series of dreams today. I had another restless night, I guess I was worried I wouldn't wake up in time, as I had to wake up early to attend a book signing. Anyway, at one point I was in a store looking at a display of animals for sale. They were mostly snakes and lizards. Then I felt something tugging at my pant leg. I turned to look and it was a capybara! I was petting the guy. Then I sat down to pet him more, wishing someone had a camera. His fur was kind of coming out in clumps and I was worried that he was ill. Suddenly a beautiful dog bounded over and licked me on the face. She was a gorgeous Shepard mix...she kind of looked like my Brioche. A worker came over and said her name was Sarah. I wanted to adopt her and I asked if she liked cats. The worker said, no, she didn't get along with cats. I gave Sarah a hug and told her I couldn't bring her home as I had 3 cats

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