Sunday, September 14, 2008

Year 2

I did it! When I started this blog I said that I would try to post something every day. I did! Yesterday was actually the year anniversary of this blog. Yes, my first post was September 13, 2007. It's hard to believe I've been posting for a full year.

I thought I'd give a little update of things going on here. Gilliam is doing much better. He's still old and underweight, but his breathing is better and he loves eating grapes. Palin, his brother, had a disturbing incident last evening. I had just put him back in his cage after cleaning it and I believe he had a seizure. He was on the top level, he screwed up his face and started falling about. I put my hand near him, to make sure he stayed on the balcony. He rocked and almost did somersaults. A few moments later he seemed perfectly fine. He ate a lab block and started to groom himself. Weird. I also discovered what I think is the start of a tumor. We can just hope for the best. Leon, the ancient one, is well as are the youngsters, Josef and Snickers. Barrett is fine as is Seneca-who enjoys taking her medicine as I hide it in really good food. Callie comes up and gets some too-so she's happy. Aleister had a good check at the vets, although, as usual, he started pulling out the fur by his injection sites. Still, this year was better than usual. I'm determined to keep Harley and have decided not to worry so much about it. His other owner is the one who wants out, but isn't doing a thing about it. Let her worry and try to sort it all out. Harley has a nasty gash on his side, but it seems to be healing well, it doesn't bother him a bit...except when I put ointment on it. Even then, he's gotten much better with it! The folks are doing well. They're taking a little trip next week. I'll join them for one day. As for me...I'm doing all right. There's lots of work in the house and garden to be done, but things are looking pretty good.

Thanks for reading and here's a toast to the second year of Katreader's Rat's Nest-Cheers!


Steph said...

Congratulations on completing one year. I look forward to reading year number 2.

Anonymous said...

Has it really been a year!

Good for you!

Here's to year two!

Exclamation point!