Saturday, September 27, 2008

Barktober Fest 2008

I made it! Today was the day. The biggest fundraiser of the year for Lollypop Farm, my local Humane Society. With the help of family, friends, and co-workers I raised $530!!!! Thanks so much to everyone who supported me, I couldn't have done it without you! I don't know the final figures, but my team raised over $1200!! I'm curious how much was raised totally, we'll find out soon, I'm sure. I had a lot of fun today as well. The weather didn't completely cooperate. It started raining and drizzly, then got humid and overcast. The walk was a mile and a half, it was quite beautiful as a good portion of it was spend it the woods, however there were huge hills. It was tiring! There were tons of people and lots of dogs! There were water stations all over with dog bowls filled for the pooches. There was lots of other stuff going on as well. Tents with booths selling mainly dog related merchandise, although there was some cat stuff (I got a homemade catnip toy), and services. Lots of free swag too-Barrett got 3 frisbees! I also won at Tombola-Barrett got a pair of dog boots for the snow! Since I was part of a team I got free sandwiches, but for everyone else they were selling hot dogs and hamburgers with profits benefiting Lollypop. There was also fun obedience trials, agility, and contests-people who looked like their pet, costume, and dogs bobbing for hot dogs. They also had beer-for a donation. I tried Dundee's Pale Bock Lager. Delicious. It's a local beer manufactured by the High Falls Brewing Company. All in all a wonderful day for a wonderful cause!

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