Sunday, September 28, 2008

Building While Destroying

I don't get it. The US economy sucks. Houses are selling at an all time low (well, maybe not all time, but you get the picture) and foreclosures are rampant. Why is it then, that developers are destroying our green spaces, beautiful forests, and agricultural sites, to build new developments? Cookie Cutter houses with association fees, rules, and community mailboxes, that you couldn't pay me to live in. It's disgusting. I also saw green space knocked down for a new, tiny, shopping center. But, get this, there's a sign saying "now leasing". So they ruined the land, built the buildings and don't even have anyone to move it. They did the same thing a few blocks up and that place is still empty. "Build it and they will come" my sweet bippie! Leave some green space. Stop stupid development.

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