Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Stuffed Animals

I admit it. I love stuffed animals. Always have, always will. In my opinion, you can never be too old for a stuffed animal. A few years ago, my friend Mark gave me one of my favorite presents of all time-a plush bunny dressed in a Chinese outfit named Lo Mein who he made for me at Build-A-Bear Workshop. Since that time I have received 2 more build-a-bear animals as gifts (a limited edition black and white cat named Bandit and a chestnut horse named Whiskey) and have bought 2 for myself (a duck born this leap year day named Quackers-I had a fever when I named her, what can I say-and a limited edition orange cat with a jack o'lantern pattern named Pumpkin Spice). I also received a belated birthday present in the mail today. Included were 2 stuffed animals-a cat with a plush mouse wearing a sweater saying "I love my mouse" and a mouse with a plush cat and a sweater saying "I love my kitty". Wonderful! Last Christmas those same friends gave me a Webkins husky. He's so soft. I don't go online and play, I'm too busy with Neopets, but I love him-and they have so many cute animals. I saw a Webkins bat, goldfish, and eagle, among others and I was sorely tempted. I remained strong, after all I had just bought Pumpkin Spice and I need to save money for my real animals. So, if you ever wonder what gift I'd enjoy-you couldn't go wrong with a stuffed animal. If you don't have one, go out and get one for yourself, and if you do have one, grab him or her and give him a cuddle. You'll feel much better!

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