Thursday, September 11, 2008

No Fair!

I was having the most wonderful dream. Chris Eccleston had just told me I was "gorgeous". His words. That's a quote mind you. I couldn't believe it, even in my dream, and said, "What?" He replied, "I said you were ug..." then he grinned and said, "you heard what I said". Then, I WOKE UP! Aurggg. I wanted more. I have no idea why I woke up. No alarm. Barrett wasn't barking or poking me to get up. Aleister and Seneca were both asleep. Who knows where Callie was. It was only 7:30 AM. No fair. Want more romantic dreams with Chris Eccleston. Grrr, waking up. I went back to sleep, but couldn't get him back. Damn.


PJ E said...

I'd be bummed too! Even though some Brit friends think of him as a "big eared git", I think he's lovely. . . and that smile!!

Katreader said...

He does have big ears...but there's just something about him. He's quite compelling.