Monday, September 22, 2008

All Mine

I used to own half a horse-now I own a whole one. When I got to the barn for my lesson I found most of Harley's other owner's stuff gone. She left a note and a check for some of October's board saying that's all she could afford. So, he's all mine now. I'm going to cut back on my lessons, taking one every other week to save money. At least my car is paid off, so that monthly bill is gone. However, I just had over $800 in car repairs and close to the same in vet bills recently. Still, I plan on keeping Harley. I just hope I can find someone to half lease him soon.


Steph said...

Congratulations on owning the whole horse now.

Katreader said...

Thanks. I'm glad he's all mine, but he's a BIG expense. It was nice dividing that.

PJ E said...

Cheers for you and Harley!! You'll figure it out :)