Thursday, September 18, 2008


One of the most difficult things about card making is coming up with the concept. It gets even more difficult when time becomes an issue. You have to make a birthday card and it needs to be mailed tomorrow. What to do? You may have several standby ideas-but have you used them for this person already? Sometimes you can get inspired-by a rubber stamp, or maybe a piece of paper, or just an idea. The thing to remember is that a concept is just an informal, general idea. Once you get the concept the details may change. I was lucky. I got the concept for my Halloween card early. Actually I had one concept...but then I got a new rubber stamp and a new concept-which I love. Looking through other items I had provided the next step. I wound up getting a new stamp for the interior, then another, even better one. I'm partway through making the cards and it's not even October. I also got the concept for my Thanksgiving cards. This one came as a design layout. Then I thought of some stamps I had that would fit. Then I found the perfect paper. Things may change a bit, but the concept is there. It's great being a head of the game. Actually, I have a bunch of ideas going through my head right now. I have to write the ideas down so I don't forget about them. I'd better get crafting.

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