Sunday, May 31, 2009

Rubber Stamp Show

Today a friend and I went to Syracuse to attend a rubber stamp show. Several years ago I went when it was at the Fairgrounds and had a phenomenal time. There were tons of make and takes (you get to make a small project and take it home with you, trying the products and techniques). There were a lot of exhibitors and while the place was packed-there was still room to see and experience and make things. A year or 2 later I went again. It had moved to the convention center. The place was a mad house. You couldn't get near anything to make-people were 5 deep at the stands. It was awful. But, I thought I'd give it another shot this year, going on a Sunday (as I did the first time) when there are generally less people. Well, there certainly were less people. Hardly any one. Unfortunately, there were hardly any make and takes and few demos. Actually there weren't too many exhibitors either. Still, I had a good time and did learn some new things. This one place made paper jewelry that was simply exquisite. You'd never believe it was paper based. I did get a stamp for that, but held off on getting the findings and crystals. They used Swarovski crystals, which, obviously are a tad pricey. There was also a thing with this flowery flock type stuff. It adds dimension and looks like dried flowers. Really cool. I'm kind of wishing I had gotten some of the stuff, but I didn't...however, the plus to going to a rubber stamp show with someone who owns a rubber stamp shop is that she plans on stocking the stuff, so I can eventually buy it from her if I want. All in all a good time, but doubtful I'll be attending that particular show again.

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