Thursday, May 14, 2009

New Card

I got a letter in the mail with a new credit card with a note, "your account number may have been illegally obtained as a result of a merchant database compromise and could be at risk for unauthorized use". So they gave me a new card. Now this is great, in that I don't want charges I didn't make on my card. But it stinks for many reasons. I don't like the new card-it seems flimsy and fake and doesn't have my signature on the front. (It is a real card, I did check.) Now I have to change accounts that have my old number, I had to call and deal with the new card and basically it's a big annoyance. Where's my compensation for that? It's a pain in the neck and I worry about recent transactions with my old card. What a pain the modern world can be.

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Steph said...

Not to scare you, but monitor your transactions VERY carefully. A few months after that same thing happened to us last year and we got a phone call late one night from the fraud department asking if we had possession of our credit cards. Long story short, we are extremely careful with our card info, but someone managed to get the NEW card info and charged lots of small purchases. It wasn't until they tried to purchase a $1000 television that our card company got suspicious (never mind that they were physically making these purchases in another state). All total, they charged about $2000 and we had the hassle of getting the charges removed.