Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bad Horse

Harley was a VERY bad boy today. I went to the barn after my dentist appointment (no cavities, but a chipped tooth which will need a little filling to repair). Harley was in his stall and I saw the other boys outside. I asked if he was in because he was bad and the answer was a resounding YES. Apparently they let ALL the boys out together, including Dusty and Bear. Bear had been recuperating and Dusty has movement problems so they had been going out alone. Well apparently Harley had his ears back and was after Dusty. Harley was trying to ram him into the fence and looked as if he were out for blood. They were surprised no one got hurt. I took him into the indoor and worked him hard, longeing him, making him work, hoping to get that energy out of him. He's never behaved like that. IN fact he had been one horse they could put out with any other horse. Sigh. My horse is becoming a delinquent!

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Steph said...

Sometimes I think boys of any animal just have those times when they act out. They can't help themselves.