Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

I went to Buffalo to celebrate Memorial Day with my parents. Actually Memorial Day was first celebrated near me in Waterloo, NY. My dad did serve in the Navy, but I see Memorial Day not only as a time to remember our veterans, but all who have died. So I brought flowers and Mom and I went to the cemetery. I was glad to see the cemetery was crowded with people (live people) cleaning graves and honoring those who passed. Although it was mainly elderly people there were a few younger people and some brought children as well, so I hope the tradition will remain with them. I put flowers (a nice red, white, and blue mix as well as a shiny thing with tiny flags on it) on the graves of my grandparents (my dad's parents), Aunt Bert, and my brother. Mom and I did stop by her Mom's, mainly to make sure our Aunt got her name up. They're inside a mausoleum and I do not like those places. I'm not going on a shelf in a stinky building and if you want me to visit, make sure they plant you in the ground! Back at my parents we had potato chips and dip and champagne and watched A Shot in the Dark. Soon after we had ribs from the grill. Good stuff. I ate and drank so much I had to have a little nap to make sure I was fresh for the ride home. It was a good day and nice to be able to actually have a holiday where I'm not working!

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