Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Every time

I finally remembered to take all my bottle returns with me when I went grocery shopping today. I even remembered to take them out of the car and into the store with me...along with my reusable grocery bags (I'm actually getting quite good at remembering that!). I put the recyclables in the proper machines and gave the glass bottles to the worker behind the counter and got my little money coupons to redeem when I checked out. I proceeded to shop-I even had a list. I got everything I needed, including the 2 things I forgot to write down, and just a few extras. So I get in line, get rung up, swipe my shoppers card, credit card, sign and off I go. Only then realizing I never used my bottle return credits. Sigh. I do this every time. Every time.

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Steph said...

At least you got everything to the srore with you. I clip my coupons, put them right next to the grocery list so I can see them and rarely remember to pick them up. Ugh.