Saturday, May 23, 2009

Iron Island Museum

Today I drove to Buffalo to go to the Iron Island Museum. Built as a church in the late 1800's, turned into a funeral home in the 1950's the museum is located in the Lovejoy District of South Buffalo and keeps the memories of this once vibrant neighborhood alive. The museum was having an event called Spirits and More Spirits. They invited several local wineries who gave wine tastings, then there was a tour of the museum based on it's hauntings. Yes, the museum is haunted. TAPS even did a solid hour on the museum for Ghost Hunters. (A great episode, they had a lot of activity and were able to catch a lot of evidence as well.) The event was a huge success. The place was packed. So much so that I have to go back to check out all the exhibits-it was just too mobbed while we were there. I was able to climb the ladder to the attic where Grant had a shadow rush at him and they caught an EVP clearly saying, "Leave me alone". I saw a weird light up there, but eventually figured out it was coming from the floor below me and when I moved my arm it caused the blob to move, disappear, and reappear. During the tour while in the military room, the guide kept talking about people's clothes being tugged in this area. As we were leaving the room I felt a tap on my shoulder!!!! But it was my mom wanting to get my attention. She got it all right. While waiting for the rest of the group Mom and I got to talking with a member of the Buffalo Paranormal Investigators. He was very nice and shared some of his experiences in the museum. The place is very active. Although I didn't witness any spooky spirits (although I have something a little odd in one of my photos-probably just a reflection) I did imbibe many other spirits. It was a fun event and I highly recommend the Iron Island Museum to anyone visiting Buffalo.

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