Thursday, May 28, 2009


The rain finally arrived. Actually thunderstorms started last night and I awoke to a deluge outside. I let Barrett out to do his business, he took 2 steps turned around, looked at me as if saying, "not on your life" and came right back in. It stopped a few hours later. Now it's humid and sunny but I can hear thunder in the distance. Barrett did go out once the rain stopped, but returned quite quickly. No wet toes for my boy! All the kids have been napping all day. The rats had fun free range time as I cleaned cages and I plan on going back in their room to try and arrange the fabric I have there. But I figured I'd better get back online now, in case thunderstorms come back full force. The yard is quite grateful for the rain and I have plenty to do inside, so I'm happy it's raining. As long as the power stays on, we're good!

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