Sunday, May 3, 2009

Guitar Hero

Quite awhile ago I was browsing through Target when I saw a Special Edition Aerosmith Guitar Hero Bundle for Wii. Cool. Saw the price...not so cool. Time passed and I periodically thought of that game. Recently I was even considering splurging on it for my birthday. Thursday I was browsing around Target again and saw the Aerosmith game only on clearance, but I'd need the guitar. I kept going and there on an end cap-the Special Edition Aerosmith Guitar Hero Bundle for Wii on clearance. Ooohhh. Should I? They had a bunch. Maybe I'd wait and the price would go even lower. I asked the guy working how long they'd been on clearance and he said about a week and a half. Hmmm, maybe I should wait. Then he said electronics never goes more than 50% off (which the game was). Sold. Yes, I now have Guitar Hero. My first attempt was not pretty. First of all I couldn't figure out how to get the guitar strap on. OK-who needs that. So I started without it. Then, after playing a bit, I realized I was playing left handed. (Unless every other person I saw playing guitar was left handed.) Hmmm. Swapped it around and was even worse. Joe Perry kept shaking his head in disgust and walking away. No wonder I was always the singer in the band. Then I happened to be watching Moonlight on TV and saw Logan Playing Guitar Hero. From him, I figured out how to get the strap on and then I started to improve. I actually got through the whole of Uncle Salty! I really enjoy the game-but I can only play a little bit at a time as my hand starts to hurt. I've made it through Uncle Salty at 90% and have made it through All The Young Dudes. So far I haven't managed to get through the end of the Cheap Trick song and haven't tried the new Aerosmith song. It helps when you're really familiar with the song and for me it's easier to go full speed, I'm even worse when I practice in slow or slower modes. Anyway, I'm really enjoying it. Any other Guitar Hero players out there?

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