Monday, May 18, 2009


Rubber Hedgehog makes great animal rubber stamps and they're having a photo contest. The winner will have her pet made into a rubber stamp! Isn't that the coolest thing? I can submit up to 12 entries, up to 3 each for each animal. They've given some photo tips, which will help. Unfortunately, a lot of my pics are somewhat artistic-with ears chopped off, tails, and other parts, while they suggest a full body, as the artist will be drawing the image from that photo. So...I'll probably be taking more pictures. Thank God for digital cameras! Looking at past winners-I didn't see any horses, so I'll be sure to enter Harley. I'd love to get one with his tongue hanging out as well as a classy one. Barrett and Josef are very photogenic, so I'll probably send a few of them. Callie can look truly regal. We'll see what the others can do.

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