Saturday, May 16, 2009

You Go Girl!

Yea, Rachel Alexandra, congrats on the Preakness win. (The picture is of her winning the Kentucky Oaks.) You are indeed a champion and I am proud to have been able to watch your win. There has been a lot of talk about her running against the colts. Her previous owner would not have raced her in the Preakness, he didn't run her in the Kentucky Derby saying that the triple crown races were a showcase for stallions and that girls should run with girls and boys with boys only. Bullshit! That prejudice is complete and utter horse shit. As retired jockey Gary Stevens said, "champions should run with champions" and that's the case. There is no legitimate reason that fillies and mares should not run with colts, stallions, and geldings. (Hey, if triple crown races are a showcase for stallions, what about geldings.) It's not even an issue in Europe, heck it's not even an issue in other equestrian events-this years Rolex winner was a mare, second place a gelding. Those that don't want mares running make it seem as if they are so much more fragile than males. Nope. While some may be smaller and more dainty, it's not even the case. Heck, Rachel Alexandra is bigger than Mine That Bird...much bigger! So, let champions run with champions and all you fillies and mares out there-You Go Girls!!!

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