Monday, February 9, 2009

Aunt Emily

Today was Aunt Emily's funeral. I wasn't able to go because of a doctors appointment for the worker's comp injury plus my mom didn't want me driving that long, then sitting in church, then sitting at lunch, then driving all the way home. There won't be many people in attendance, and I kind of felt I should be there, but...Aunt Emily isn't really there either.

Aunt Emily was my mom's mother's sister. She died on Friday at the age of 93. She was a difficult woman. She'd smack the aides at the nursing home (we learned she also smacked her sisters growing up-at least the youngest of the group) and she could be just plain nasty and mean. She could also be kind and giving. She gave me the remaining money I needed to buy my first house; something I never thought a single person in her late 20s could do. When I was young I remember going to her home. She and her husband were very proud of her garden and she always set aside some of her raspberries for me. I remember the house, with the 1950's kitchen and the yard. I'll take some time today to reminisce. I hope she's now at peace.

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