Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Recent Air Tragedy

You may have heard about the tragedy that occured near me-an airplane trying to land at the Buffalo Airport instead crashed into a house. All people on board were killed, as well as one person in the house. It's one thing to consider the possibility of dying in a plane crash when you take a flight, but to be killed in a plane crash while in your own home?! It's incomprehensible. While I feel for the victims on board the plane, we mustn't forget the people whose house was obliterated and the man who wasn't able to get out in time. The following was forwarded to me. I signed the petition to try to get Extreme Home Makover to help these people. Please consider signing it and forwarding it to others. Thanks.

We have all heard about the horrific plane crash just outside ofBuffalo on February 12. One thing that some might forget is a family isleft without a husband/father and without a home. Someone has started apetition to get Extreme Home Makeover to rebuild a home for the family,the Wielinksi family. I think it is a great idea. If you agree, pleasesign the petition at the link below It takes less than 30 seconds oftime. Also, I ask that you considering forwarding this note on toothers to sign.Thank you.


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