Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Recent Rat Reminiscing

I was just looking at the website of Jenni's Mischief, the closest rattery to me, and a wonderful one, where I got 4 wonderful boys in 2006. Sadly they've all since died and I was looking at their baby pictures on the site. I got tears in my eyes, but they're tears of joy as well as sadness. These boys were so loving and curious and sweet. The boys I currently have are all rescues and they are all gentle creatures, but still shy and skittish. Except for Josef. The newest boys are slowly coming around. Snickers and Josef will have their one year anniversary with me later this month. Snickers likes to explore me...but I can't reach out to him first. Still, I guess it's pretty good as when I held him at the rescue the woman said, "Wow, he must like you, you're the first person he hasn't bit!". He never has bitten me either. He and Josef play a bit rough and have been fairly aggressive with other rats. But they are all good boys. I intend to continue to rescue rats, but I'd love to get some more loving rats from a reputable breeder, like my Ohio brothers. Some day.

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