Friday, February 27, 2009

Photo Phriday - Dryer

If it's not one thing, it's another. My dryer has apparently broken its drive belt. It will heat, but the drum won't turn. Of course this happens just before I'm about to sit down with a glass of champagne and a raspberry filled brownie and watch Ace of Cakes about 10 PM last night. I hung some of the clothes on the line in the basement, but it was a big load and not enough line. I'm on my second hanging to dry batch now. I used to have the repair agreement from Sears with it-but paying close to $100 a year for a $300 machine was a bit much, so I dropped it. I was considering getting a new machine-but the machine should last a few more years-it's not quite 8 years old. Sears wouldn't give me an estimate over the phone (mind you, I know the problem and told them) but said they could send a guy over to look at it and get an estimate and I'd have to pay for the service call, even if I didn't want him to fix it. I got a recommendation for a local appliance place, so I'll give them a call. It's just so annoying.

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Bill Denbrough said...

Appliances only break at the worst times, and cars usually act up only when it's not nice enough outside to walk. And AAA batteries for remotes always die late at night when you have no extras.