Friday, February 13, 2009

Photo Phriday - MRI

I finally got approval for the MRI. They called me yesterday afternoon and I went it at 6:30 this morning! John was my technician and he was nice enough to let me take a picture of the machine. Although this was my second time having an MRI, it was the first time I had to go all the way in. The last time was for my knee and only my legs were in the machine. Before that my friend had told me he needed one and didn't think the claustrophobia issue would be a problem for him. He was wrong and had to go to an open MRI machine. I didn't think it would be an issue for me, after all, I like being cozy. Well, after just my knee going in, I could see where people could have issues. When they called me yesterday for the appointment, one of the questions asked was if I was claustrophobic. I said, could be. They said they didn't dispense meds there, but if I needed something to call my doctor and take something before I got there. However, I'd then need someone to go with me. Well, that wouldn't work. I'd just have to tough it out. Of course, now my mind was starting to make me more nervous just thinking about it. I was considering drinking a few shots once I got there...but then I'd have to wait to drive home. Oh well, no biggie, I could do it. I did have one trick left up my sleeve to fool my brain. I asked for blinkers, like some race horses have to wear. Well, this was a blindfold and they gave it to me. I had to put earplugs in my ears, put the blindfold on, John gave me these things to hold on to, so my hands wouldn't get in the way and then he slid me in the machine. After a magnet test he brought me back out and placed a thing on my stomach, so he could get a better picture, then back in I went. At first there was a nice breeze and it wasn't too bad, even though the banging was somewhat jarring. Then my mind started thinking that breathing was getting more difficult, I told my brain to shut up and started going through the alphabet naming famous race horses, events, and people. Then it started getting warmer in there (I was told it would). I moved on to dog breeds. Then things about Buffalo, NY, then cats. Then between tests, while still in the thing I moved my finger up a bit-and touched machine. That was close. I went back to the alphabet. We were half way through. Then my back started to hurt. Then my head started to itch. John finally said, the last test, about 4 minutes. Let's do it! And so we did. I made it through without any major issues. Now I'm just waiting for the results. I leave for PT pretty soon. I'm hoping to hear something today!

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Steph said...

Good job on the MRI. I absolutely hate those things.