Sunday, February 15, 2009

Road to the Roses

You've heard of fantasy football, but did you know there's also fantasy horse racing? I discovered Road to the Roses, a fantasy horse racing game that leads up to the Kentucky Derby. You create a stable with 10 horses, 2 jockeys, and 2 trainers. That's the easy part. (Well, after researching this years 3 year olds.) The hard part is that you can only activate 5 of your horses at a time. This means you have to make sure your horse is activated if he'll be running a race. So you have to know when the race is (easy, they list that for you) but you have to know which horses are entered and make sure yours are activated. If the horse is in your stable, but you don't activate him, you don't get any points. The first 2 races were yesterday and my Chocolate Candy won. (That's him winning in the picture.) I now have 8 points. I have another horse running on Monday. I don't know how the jockeys and trainers fit in to the scoring. My stable is Katreader's Prime and I created a league. If you're interested in joining my league, just let me know. The more the merrier!

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