Wednesday, February 4, 2009


If it's not one I was leaving for my physical therapy session today I checked the mail. Workman's Comp has ordered a hearing in order to evaluate me to make sure I can't be at work. I'm to bring any documentation, including MRIs (uh, hello, still waiting for approval for the MRI to prove I have a herniated disk, thank you) and someone else if I want. Ryan told me to consider getting a lawyer. Ugh. My appointment is February 17th. Let's see. I have a hypersensitive left leg, which I can't raise. I'm not supposed to bend down and I have to sit with back support. Doing anything for any length of time is uncomfortable, I get periodic shots of pain in my leg and back. I can't lift anything heavy . . .Oh yea, I can go to work ready to jump up and fight at a moments notice.

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