Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Slightly Longer Morning Than Planned

The plan was to run to the barn, I figured Harley would be in as I figured he'd be out yesterday, give him a quick brush, do my physical therapy walk with him walking with me, then go across town to visit Jen and show her some of my rubber stamp work, especially the recipe card I was having difficulty with due to the necessity of utilizing a stamp positioner. That was the plan. I left the house only 15 minutes later that I kind of wanted, so I was pretty much on track. When I went in the barn, I could see the plan start to fizzle as Kim saw me and smiled. "You can bring him in...he rolled." Ugh. It's been so warm so the paddock is wet with mud sink holes that want to swallow you whole. Also due to the warmth, Harley's blanket was off-and he rolled in said mud swamp. He was in yesterday, but went out today. Sigh. I went out and called to all the boys, hoping at least one would come into the barnyard area and the others might follow. Storm looked up at me, then put his head back down. I called Harley-who also looked up at me...and put his head back down. All the boys remained where they were ignoring me. Since I thought I would be quick I didn't even have my boots on. I started to go out into the muck. No. No way, not with what I was wearing. Fortunately, Barb was nice enough and she went out to get him. Of course, when she called the boys all ran up into the barnyard. Jeesh. She handed me Harley and I brought him in. What a mess! At least he only rolled on one side. I got most of the stuff off...kind of. It's difficult when it's wet mud! Then I took him into the arena to do my 10 minute walk. Harley's a better walking companion than Barrett. His stride is longer (well, he's over 1,000 pounds and Barrett's about 65) and he didn't try stopping to sniff everywhere. Although he was eyeing the ground for another roll. He is like Barrett in that he'll try to put his lead rope in his mouth like Barrett does with his leash. I guess they'd rather take themselves for a walk! We returned to the barn and I brushed him again and put him back in his stall. I'll have to work on the dirt and mud some more. Th only issue is that I can't really get his lower legs and I can't pick out his hooves due to my back. Oh well. He'll have to live with dirty legs for a bit. After that I did hang out at Jen's store for a while. It was busy today. Lots of customers-good for her. I then got a fantastic Philly Cheese sub (boy was that good) picked up my prescriptions and got back home. I'm pooped! It was a nice, productive day though, albeit a bit longer than I had hoped, and I enjoyed the people I chatted with as well. And Harley was a good, if filthy, boy.

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