Thursday, June 12, 2008


Whee! I love my Wii!!!! I'm having such fun. My folks got it for my birthday and I'm really enjoying it. So far I only have the Sports game that came with it and Wii Play. But both have several games within them to try and explore. I haven't tried everything yet. So far I really like the bowling. I'm pretty good at it too. I tried the Fitness test on Sports. Sigh. It told me I'm 47. Doesn't it know I just turned 40?!? The main problem was the darn baseball. I couldn't hit that thing to save my life. In all the throws, I only hit it was a home run, but still only one hit. It took me quite awhile to hit the tennis ball too. Finally I could hit it, out of bounds, but, hey...after baseball, at least I hit it! I did wind up hitting the ground a lot too. Thank goodness the bowling was next. I'm sure I helped my age there. If I was lousy at that too, my Mii would be able to enroll in AARP and possibly even collect social security!

After ready reviews and talking to some people I'd like to get My Horse & Me (even if the horse is always on the wrong'd think they'd fix that!), Endless Oceans, Carnival Games (I didn't have interest until I read some reviews-now I want it!), and, as soon as it comes out at the end of July I want Order up, a cooking game. There is a cooking game now, but this new one seems like it may be better. So I'll wait.

Do you have a Wii? What are your favorite games?

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