Saturday, June 28, 2008


When partnerships are going well they're great-but in the long run I think it's best to do things on your own. I co-own a horse. There's no way I could afford one on my own. It was the other woman's idea and she was the one making sure I wouldn't back out after 6 months. Well, it's been a year and a half and now she wants out! While most people think she should just sign over her half to me (and I'd find someone to half lease him-so that my monthly bills would remain the same) she wants money out of the deal. "I spent $xxxx on him." Duh, I spent the same amount. In fact, she was trying to get me to sell him saying how expensive it is and how I really only go out there twice a week. HELLO?!?! You think I don't know that. I was so mad. And what if she couldn't find a buyer, then she's telling me to go online and find someone. What you dump this on me and expect me to do everything?! It's just a lousy situation and I'm so pissed off at her. Hopefully things will work out without me being out a lot of money. What are your thoughts?

As a side note, to vent some of my anger I figured out Wii boxing and won by a knockout!

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