Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Fanpop has done it again. They've added a quiz section. For each spot you can answer and/or add quiz questions. Then there's the superquiz which has questions from all spots. There's a leaderboard so you can see how you rank among other fans. You can also see if people of whom you're a fan have answered specific questions. You can also see how people are answering the questions you submit. And there are virtual prizes. I'm answering all kinds of questions-but I'm creating them too! That takes some effort as I like to include pictures. So, I have to find appropriate photos, copy them, then upload them. Now I'm spending even more time there. Of course, now that I'm back to work, my time spend there will diminish. Sigh. But if you're in the mood to try some trivia, check it out!


Team Scby-Do said...

I spent several hours on Fanpop the other day. There is so much to see and read out there. I am finding I get so involved in some of the areas that I totally lose track of time.

Oh and you were right, hearing what nice weather you are having is really depressing. Our "cold front" came in today and it dropped the temps to the low 90's. I guess that is better than nothing.

Katreader said...

Another neat thing about fanpop-you can go to a person's profile and click on activity and see everything they've contributed. So you could check to see what quiz questions I've posed, for example.