Friday, June 20, 2008

Photo Phriday

Seneca was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism today. I have hypothyroidism. Couldn't we just share and both be normal?!


Team Scby-Do said...

Poor Senaca. Is there medication for her? Abbie is actually gaining wait from her medication and hates it when we won't let her have more food. Phenobarbytal gives her the munchies.

Katreader said...

Yes, she's now on Tapazole (Methimazole). Unfortunately, she needs a pill twice a day. The other options were surgery (which my vet says he stopped doing after losing too many on the table) or taking her to Canandaigua and leaving her there for over 2 weeks while they make her radioactive for a while. I decided to do the 2pills a day.

Team Scby-Do said...

That does sound like the best choice, for Senaca and Mommy. We will keep our fingers crossed that every thing goes smoothly.