Sunday, June 8, 2008


Today was the day I went to North East, Pennsylvania to meet my friends from Ohio. I pulled into town and got gas at my favorite little station; a great deal at $3.99 a gallon. (Never thought I'd say that was a good price!) Then I found a parking spot so I could get Barrett and the rats some fancy dog treats at the dog bakery. Closed! I was so annoyed, but, it was Sunday and the little downtown was basically shut down. I took some pictures in the Square and then went to the restaurant. I was right on time, exactly 11:30. As soon as I got my book out my phone rang, my friends were running behind and just crossed the state line-they'd be there around noon, or 12:15. I had brought things to do, but the parking lot was so hot. So I drove off. I needed to use the bathroom, but didn't want to go into the restaurant. I thought about stopping at one of the wineries, but didn't want to do that either, so I started heading back into town. But, everything was closed. Then I decided to stop at Mercyhurst College to look around, check out their bookstore, and find a bathroom. Well, the bookstore was closed. Still, I decided to park and walk around, maybe some building would be open. I found a beautiful little grotto, that led me to a building with stained glass. Perhaps it was a chapel...with a bathroom. I had tried a few doors with no luck, but when I got to the front of the building-I found an unlocked door-so in I went. It wasn't the chapel, but offices and classrooms. I wandered around, exploring, and eventually I found a bathroom! I had noticed the exit doors I passed all had keypads attached, all with a red light. I certainly didn't want to sound any alarms, so I went back to the door that let me in to get back out. I pushed-it didn't open. I pushed again...nothing. I looked and saw the keypad with the red light. Uh oh. One more luck. So I went back around, checking out other doors. I finally found one with a keypad with a green light! I pushed and out I went. Freedom! Thank heavens. I didn't look for the chapel as it was already noon and time to meet my friends, but I did say a brief prayer of gratitude that I escaped from the building without raising an alarm!

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