Thursday, June 26, 2008

Day Off

I took today off work. I know, I just had vacation, but work is so awful and I have so much I need to accomplish at home, I really wanted a 3 day weekend. We had enough people at work, so I got the day off. I slept in and have an almost headache, so I haven't accomplished much yet...but I will...I have to! I have dishes to wash, one rat cage to clean (I did the other cage the other day), and litter boxes to scrub. Those things I must accomplish today. I have a ton of other things too-but those are my main goals. I want to spend time with Harley tomorrow and most of my work must be done before Saturday, when my folks will be up. I think I'll do all my running around tomorrow, today I may just stay in my pjs all day and work inside-although I do have gardening to do...we'll see what happens!


Anonymous said...

it never ends does it?

it just never ends.

Katreader said...

No...and I'm finding I just can't keep up!