Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Work is crazy. The people are crazy, and I don't mean the patients, who are also crazy. We had a good evening, aside from one patient throwing her dinner tray-and there was really nothing to that. It was the staff. Oh my God. I don't know how people can be this incompetent, yet think they know it all and won't listen. Then, because they're mad at you, try to start other problems. It is absolutely unbelievable. One of my guys said to me tonight cured him of every wanting to be a supervisor. I was so mad at one point, another of my guys was commenting on how hot I was and I told him to go get the marshmallows! I can laugh a bit about it now, but some people. They really need to quit-or be fired!

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Team Scby-Do said...

That sounds like the people I work with. They all feel entitled to complain that they don't like something, but have no clue how or the desire to make it better. They just want to complain. Makes you just want to strangle them. In my case, since I control their payroll, it makes me want to not pay them.